Penn State Royalty Calculator & Decline Curve Web App

The Penn State Royalty Calculator and Decline Curve Web App utilizes nearly 5,000 producing horizontal unconventional wells in Pennsylvania to build high quality estimates for royalties and total estimated production from a well. The free lite version offers the opportunity to build royalty scenarios based on Pennsylvania estimated average production. The basic subscription offer county specific models, six gas pricing options, deduction and tax estimation, and local EUR's. The premium account will be launching soon and offer the ability to track royalty statements, build a decline curve for a producing well, and build estimated royalties based on actual and estimated production. All versions allow the user to download, share and print scenario results. We hope you find this best in class royalty calculator for Pennsylvania unconventional wells useful.


All PA Well Data

Our web app can be used for free to view natural gas well data and charts for the state of Pennsylvania.

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County-Specific Well Data

With a basic account you can use our web app to browse county-specific well data and detaild charts.

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Your Own Well's ROI

With a premium account gain access to all our features including the ability to chart your own well ROI.

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